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Omega Property Maintenance
A Service Designed to Suit You
OMEGA provides both General Housing Maintenance and Commercial Property Maintenance to a range of clients across N.Ireland. Our maintenance services are based on developing a strong rapport with our customers and tailoring our services to suit their specific needs.

One-Stop Housing Maintenance Service
OMEGA Homecall is a one-stop housing maintenance service originally developed and piloted in 2002, in NIHE's Waterloo Place District in Derry. Today, OMEGA Homecall is the contract maintenance service in use for all of NIHE's general housing stock throughout the city. We also provide contract maintenance for several housing associations and landlords across N. Ireland.

Complete Care For Commercial Property
On the commercial side, OMEGA Facilicare is an integrated facilities management service which can encompass all the hard and soft operational aspects of complete care for commercial property assets. Its offers a one-stop-shop contract maintenance service for your property asset. The Facilicare package has been specially developed for the long-term care and maintenance of property assets such as, nursing homes, apartment blocks, retail units, shopping centres, schools or industrial facilities.

Highly Motivated Team
We directly employ over 75 qualified individuals, uniquely skilled in their chosen field. We boast a highly professional and resourceful workforce from our management, office and administrative team to our tradesmen, fabricating workshop and on-site crew. In the spirit of partnership we encourage our staff and our suppliers to provide the very best quality of service We have been rewarded for our efforts by receiving the European recognised seal of approval, the Certificate of Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001 - BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 provision of building-related services. This accolade serves as a marker by which we carry out our quality assurance audit twice yearly. We have also incorporated KPI's, 'Key Performance Indicators', which offer us a continuous exploration into our services and aids us to define areas of concern and improvement. We operate a strict and firm approach to health and safety regulations in all areas of work.
John McMonagle...”As Managing Director of OMEGA, I am responsible for the development and implementation of the ‘Egan’ style partnership and applying its principles in the management of this company for the Housing Executive”.