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Developing Partnerships the Egan Way
A First for Northern Ireland Maintenance Company
Omega were the first company in Northern Ireland to successfully adopt the Egan concept for response maintenance. We believe we have influenced our clients in moving forward with this type of contract and have set the standards for other contractors to follow. In the spirit of partnership we encourage our staff and our suppliers to provide the very best quality of service, which is proven by our performance results in our current contracts, and by our peers in rethinking construction focus groups.

An ISO Certified Company
We have been rewarded for our efforts by receiving the European recognised seal of approval, the Certificate of Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001 - BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 provision of building-related services. This accolade serves as a marker by which we carry out our quality assurance audit twice yearly. We have also incorporated KPI's, 'Key Performance Indicators', which offer us a continuous exploration into our services and aids us to define areas of concern and improvement. We operate a strict and firm approach to health and safety regulations in all areas of work.